I was born on August 30, 1981 in Izmir, Turkey. I graduated from Kocaeli University, Turkish Language and Literature department. I currently provide trainings on 3D visualization programs professionally. I've always been greatly interested in science fiction-fantastic literature and painting ever since I was a child. I see writing as a way of life, not as a hobby. Therefore, combining the skills I develop in different fields with writing action is very valuable to me.

I would also like to mention some of the technical features of my first book, The Devil's War. The subject of my dissertation "The participation of people in the novel fiction process with a scenario-based game" has been applied in my book. We worked on this dissertation with my professor at the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Kocaeli University, Prof. Hakan Behçet Sazyek. Its essence is briefly as follows: "Every choice creates new occasions, and every occasion leads to new choices. An author does not like being intervened in this area and he tries to predict the preferences of the characters he creates in different occasions. However, a character-based game can be played by finding people close to the personality traits of the character to be created. So instead of guessing the possible preferences of the current character, we can ask his decision by offering options to the person we are playing the game directly with. Moreover, it will be possible to let him create his own preferences." When I told my professor about the subject of this thesis, he told me, "Unfortunately, without trying this in a novel, your ideas will remain theoretical". Now when I look at it, I can say with pleasure that the current method works well in the fiction process of the novel. I've seen the benefits of especially women's complex decision-making process.

On the other hand, there are many illustrations in my novel. The beginning of each chapter bears visuals drawn by Utku Özden, which convey the date and place. I use these illustrations to direct people's mood and to increase curiosity. The ideas of my brother Tamer Dövücü, a personal development expert and the writer of the book Optimum Denge Modeli (Eng.: Ultimate Balance Model) on the effect of the visuals on human consciousness, played a key role in transforming these illustrations into a part of the narrative. I also used colored illustrations made by Yiğit Köroğlu as well as the visuals at chapter beginnings. For instance, I present to readers the dream of a character, or future events with these illustrations. I believe this has made the novel more dynamic and interesting. Lastly, I've always received the contributions of valuable experts during the scientific technical issues throughout the creation process of the book. Professor Okan Zabunoglu from Nuclear Energy Engineering field and Dr. Umut Yıldız from NASA are among those who have supported my project.