Three great powers, all after the same thing: Djorium, a radioactive Mars element to start the age of space mining. The new generation arms race takes place in space in 2050s. China, which has become the leader of the world by its economy and military, stops at nothing to eliminate the USA and Russia from this race. However, more powers take their part in this competition. Sannah, one of the organizations beyond states, strives to get a share of the cake. Mira Ceti members with psychic abilities must stop them.

Will the discovery of Djorium meet the energy need of the world, or will it turn into a mass destructive weapon? Is it possible to see the future? Can the future be changed? Take a look at life from Tesla’s eyes, escape from the inquisition with Aron, unravel the mystery with Donna.

The Devil’s War serves its readers a laboratory questioning the human nature and big adventures reaching the future...